Crabtree Valley Mall

Raleigh, North Carolina

Project Details

Project Type



1,326,000 ft² Indoor Shopping Mall located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Exteriors lights are kept on 12 hours per day and interior lights are kept on 24 hours per day.


$732K Annual Savings $480K Rebate 1.7 Years ROI

Return on Investment

1.7 Years ROI $480K Rebate


Saved more than $730,000 annually on electricity and maintenance. Received $479,851 rebate from Duke/Progress Energy. Reduced the electric load by 6,170,159 kWh annually. Major reduction in lighting maintenance man-hours. 5-Year Warranty on FintronX LED lighting fixtures.

Launch Project
Crabtree Valley Mall – Raleigh, NC

The Challenge

Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh, NC, was searching for answers to address various area and ambient lighting needs for both the mall’s visitors and major retail tenants, while also reducing energy consumption and costs. The mall’s owners had two other criteria: the lighting fixture design had to match the mall’s architectural scheme, and it had to be sustainable both in energy use and in reduced maintenance cost.

Products Used