Emily Krzyzewski Center

Durham, North Carolina

Project Details

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29,000 ft² non-profit educational facility located in Durham, North Carolina. Upgraded lighting color temperature for optimal learning environment.


$29K Annual Savings $10K Rebate 1.9 Years ROI

Launch Project
Emily Krzyzewski Center - Durham, North Carolina

The Challenge

A non-profit organization in Durham, NC, was looking to reduce their operating expenses to put towards a new scholarship program.

The turnkey project needed to be installed at a strategic time to ensure safety and minimal disruption of academic activities since the facility has hundreds of students that come through the facility daily.

The Solution

FintronX LED energy consultants provided the most cost-effective lighting strategy possible, providing a detailed cost/benefit analysis that demonstrated the ROI opportunity, while providing a full scale 3-D computer model of the gymnasium for the photometric design.

FintronX LED used LED lighting fixtures that enhanced the facility’s architectural, aesthetic and visual impact, while fulfilling energy and maintenance saving requirements. The combination of the increased light levels and the uniform distribution created a better learning environment.

The replacement of more than 400 fixtures resulted in the facility receiving a rebate for over $10,000 from Duke Energy. The old fixtures and lamps were recycled to reduce the environmental impact even further.

FintronX LED provided a 5-year warranty on all LED products in this project. In addition to the impressive energy savings, the LED solution introduces a whole host of benefits enjoyed by staff, students, and visitors.

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