Honda of the Avenues

Jacksonville, Florida

Project Details

Project Type

Parking Lot


303,576 ft² auto dealership located in Jacksonville, FL. Exteriors lights are kept on 12 hours per day and interior lights are kept on 24 hours per day.


$91K Annual Savings 424K Rebate 1.3 Years ROI


Saved more than $89,000 annually on electricity and maintenance. Received more than $24,000 rebate from Jacksonville Electric Authority. Reduced the electric load by 759,000 kWh annually. Major reduction in lighting maintenance man-hours. 5-Year Warranty on FintronX LED lighting fixtures.

Launch Project

The Challenge

Honda of the Avenues in Jacksonville, FL was looking for solutions to address various lighting needs for their dealership’s exterior parking lot and indoor showroom. Their goal was to increase light levels, while reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs. The dealership needed a reliable LED lighting solution to replace the existing 1000-watt metal halide parking lot lights that were costing them thousands of dollars in maintenance annually.

The Solution

FintronX LED energy consultants provided the most cost-effective lighting strategy possible, providing a detailed cost/benefit analysis that demonstrated the ROI opportunity, while providing a full scale 3-D computer model of the auto dealership for the photometric design.

FintronX LED replaced over 200 traditional lighting fixtures with LED fixtures that enhanced the dealership’s overall average foot candle reading while fulfilling energy and maintenance saving requirements. The FintronX LED fixtures dramatically increased the light output which made the dealership more visible from the main road, helping to draw in more visitors and potential customers. The increased light levels also improved security systems by providing higher quality light over several million dollars worth of inventory.

FintronX LED provided a 5-year warranty on all LED products for this project. In addition to the impressive energy savings, the LED solution introduced a host of new benefits for the staff and customers.

Products Used